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Vision Therapy for Children & Adults…

One of our most successful treatments is Vision Therapy. We offer this service to Children and Adults and currently have two Vision Therapist on site.

Vision Therapy allows you to develop an efficient Visual System necessary for functioning at an optimal level (i.e. in the classroom & workplace). It will help you absorb and retain information and therefore develop a good foundation for working and learning.

Vision Therapy consists of a planned series of exercises that are easy and safe to do and with dedicated efforts results appear in a short time. We have over 200 Vision Therapy exercises to choose from, which means we are able to provide you with a more personalised approach.

Visual skills are related to how we use our eyes to see and understand what we see. Visual skills are learned skills that unfortunately do not always develop to their maximum potential. The good news is that these skills can be enhanced or taught to become more efficient with Vision Therapy. There are two types of Visual Skills, Visual accessing skills and Visual information processing skills:

  • Visual accessing skills consist of focusing, eye teaming and eye movement’s skills and are the physical functions that our eyes have to perform to be able to aim and focus comfortably on tasks.
  • Visual information processing skills are the way that we process information that we see, specifically how we sequence, structure and recall information.

Typically the visual skills that can be improved with Vision Therapy are:

  • Tracking Skills: The ability to follow a moving object with both eyes smoothly and accurately, critical for efficient reading.
  • Focusing skills: The ability to see things clearly at near and far without blur or delay, for example, when copying from the whiteboard to book or looking from the computer screen to a page/something in the distance.
  • Eye Coordination and Eye Teaming skills : The ability to use both eyes together, smoothly, equally, simultaneously and accurately, critical for writing and in sport.
  • Visualisation: The ability to form mental images, to retain or store them for future recall, one of the skills necessary for spelling.
  • Depth Perception: The ability to judge relative distances of objects and to see and move accurately in three dimensional space, such as playing ball sports, particularly hitting and catching.
  • Visual Sequencing: Learning how to remember a sequence of visual information, for example, a string of letters or numbers. This is an important aspect of both reading and writing which is an area where reversals can occur