Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1.   What is the cost of an initial consultation and is this claimable through Medicare or my private health  fund?  Yes, please click here for more info. 

Q2.     Do you have a range of frames on site? Yes we have a large selection for children’s and adult’s frames.

Q3.     How long does the assessment take? The initial assessment is approximately 2 hours for children and 1 hour for adults.

Q4.    What do I need to bring to my first appointment? Please see our First Appointment Checklist. You should also bring any other reports you have received over the years from other tests conducted i.e. speech pathology, psychology, screening reports etc.

Q5.   Do you bulk bill? No we do not bulk bill but we have Medicare processing, where applicable, is available via HealthPoint.

Q6.  Will I receive a report? You will receive a report for your child’s assessment via the post. The report is to assist in your understanding of the Visual Assessment. The report includes a rating scale to help understand the impact of your child’s visual problem(s).

Q7.   Where are you located? Please click here for contact details.

Q8.   What health funds do you accept? A HealthPoint machine is available to process claims through to your health fund. Please ask staff for a list of health fund providers that can be used via this machine.

Q9.   When do I collect the glasses? Please allow 2-7 working days for the glasses to be manufactured. We will phone you when your glasses are available for pick up. Postage is also available.

Q10. Do I need a referral? A referral is not needed to visit the practice. If you are given a referral please bring it your appointment as the Medicare rebate will vary. 

Q11.  I’m interested in getting contact lenses for my child who plays sports, can you assist with this? Yes, please let the optometrist know and this can be discussed at your appointment.

Q12.  What age do you start testing children? We see children as young as 6 months to adults of any age.

Q13.  Do you see children with special needs? We certainly do.

Q14.  Do you have wheelchair access? Yes we have a portable ramp, so please inform staff when booking your appointment. 

Q15.  Can I bring all my children? For a child assessment, it is best that you only bring the child being assessed on the day as other children may be a distraction. We need the full attention of the child to conduct the tests.