Case Presentation for Parents

The aim of our case presentation is to inform parents on the connection between the reported symptoms and your child’s visual problem. Seeing this connection will assist in understanding the need for the recommendations and follow up appointments.

Our Therapy and Program Manager, Deborah will be your Case Presenter. During the consultation the results of the Optometric evaluation/review will be discussed, along with any recommendations for treatment.

Over the years we have found that it is very important for your child that all parents/ guardians understand what is going on with their vision and how it is affecting his or her life.   As such, it is strongly recommended that both parents are present.  If you are in a situation where there are one or more step-parents, we often recommend that ALL parents be present.  If it is uncomfortable for you for everyone to be present at the same time, please let us know, and separate presentations will be arranged.

Deborah will be reviewing a great deal of information about your child with you and may ask questions of a sensitive nature.  Our experience has been that children are self-conscious about these discussions and it is best if they are not in the room at that time. If possible, do not bring the child to the Case Presentation Appointment unless previously arranged with us, or they can remain safely in the waiting room unsupervised for the duration of the Case Presentation.

The case presentation takes approximately 90 minutes (this will allow for any questions you may have).  There will be a number of demonstrations that have been designed to help you understand what your child is experiencing.  If you require glasses for reading or distance tasks yourself please bring your glasses with you.

If there is any problem with both parents being present, please let us know so that other arrangements can be made before the day of the consultation.

There will be no fee for the Case Presentation.

We look forward to this opportunity to assist you with your child’s vision and learning.